Locify Tips & Tricks

We prepared some scripts, which make easy your work with Locify. This scripts works on Firefox with some extensions.

Locify For Geocaching

Install locifyForGeocaching.user.js version 0.4, updated Sep 09th 2008 (Greasemonkey required)

This Greasemonkey script is designed for easily adding caches and their additional waypoints from geocaching.com to your Files on Locify server. After synchronization you can have the cache on your phone - available offline. For details of installation and screenshots see help page for Nearest caches service.
This user script also runs on Google Chrome browser, if you'r using Greasemetal.


Microformats For Locify

Install microformatsForLocify.user.js version 0.1, created Jul 14th 2008 (Greasemonkey required)

A microformat is a web-based data formatting which allows to re-use existing content of web page. This script find all geo microformats on a page and let you add them to Locify.
On the page where some geo microformats are detected script shows Locify icon in top-right corner. Under this icon is hidden links, which allows you add this coordinates to Locify Files.


For example see screenshots of flickr and geoteagged photo (click for enlarge):

Locify For Operator

Download locifyForOperator.js version 0.1, created Jul 14th 2008 (Operator extension required)

What is Operator

Operator is an extension for Firefox that adds the ability to interact with semantic data on web pages, including microformats, RDFa and eRDF. It is available from addons.mozilla.org. Our script brings you chance to simply add coordinates specified by microformat to Locify.

How to install script to Operator

In Firefox click: Tools->Add-ons, then choose Operator and their Options. On User scripts tab choose file LocifyForOperator.js downloaded to your computer. After adding them, restart the browser. Now on pages where is geo microformat you can press Locations in Operator toolbar and then Add to Locify for each coordinates founded on actual page.

Upgrading scripts

Our Greasemonkey scripts (Locify For Geocaching, Microformats For Locify) have built in check for new versions. Click by right button to Greasemonkey icon, than choose User Scripts commands and Check for update. This option is available only on pages, where scripts are used.