Commercial Services

Locify is a free and open source project under GNU GPL license. But you may consider to have a slightly different look-and-feel, modified, limited or enhanced functionality and prefer to have it under your brand and cooperate solely with your servers. That's where we can help you - at much lower costs and shorter time-frame than developing application from the scratch.

Locify is open sourced - you can do that even without our support if you are ok with GNU GPL license. But if you do not want to make your application open source, you can obtain commercial licence from us and build upon it. Of couse, we understand our code very well and cooperation with us gives you fast development and full Locify potential.

No matter if you want to do Locify-like service, totally different service targeted only to your customers, readers, employees or your community. With Locify you can create location based services fast and cheap.

Please, remember that if you want to create service available to usual Locify users, there are NO costs, fees or so and you even do not need to publish your service under open license. Developing services for Locify is as easy as writing usual mobile web pages - and in fact it IS the same.


One of the biggest map provider in Central Europe - PlanStudio - has chosen Locify framework to deliver their detailed topographic maps (product SmartMaps Online) for java enabled mobile phones. Solution includes protetion of map tiles and billing system for subscribers of map access.

Please contact David Cizek, dac (at) locify (dot) com.