Released: 12 February 2010
  • Map and navigation fix on certain phones


Released: 1 November 2009
  • Waypoint name fix
  • Date in navigation fix


Released: 1 October 2009
  • Google maps fix
  • Http connection fix


Released: 19 September 2009
  • Support for OpenCycloMap
  • GPS timeout when location cannot be obtained


Released: 19 September 2009
  • Support for OpenCycloMap
  • GPS timeout when location cannot be obtained


Released: 06 July 2009
  • Usability improvements
  • Satellite screen fix
  • GPX routes support
  • Developers: Multiline ScreenOverlay in KML
  • Other fixes and finetuning


Released: 30 May 2009
  • Google Aerial maps support!
  • GPX files reading support!
  • Caching maps to filesystem - you download maps just once!
  • Temporarily removed synchronization until it's fixed on server
  • Kalman filter re-enabled - it makes navigation and routes smooth
  • Date and time in navigation
  • Fix for UTF-8 login - it means that you can login for example in geocaching service with diacritics in login
  • Bluetooth issues fixes
  • Memory and device optimizations
  • Other fixes and finetuning


Released: 11 May 2009
  • Permanent backlight support in maps, navigation or whole application!
  • Manager of items on map
  • Geocaching service: Cache is saved when user hits 'Download'
  • Map graphics improvement
  • Nokia 6230i fix
  • Developers: <screenOverlay> support in KML
  • Developers: Support for relative URLs
  • Other minor bugfixes


Released: 20 April 2009
  • Geocaching service: Complete offline downloads (including listing, logs, hint, waypoints etc.)
  • Geocaching service: HTML listings (support for links, images and basic formatting in listings)
  • Blackberry fix - previous version was unusable on Blackberry
  • Saving route fixes
  • New advanced setting for map - offline map loading can be faster on some phones now
  • Support for Mercator(Google Maps) in offline maps
  • Exit confirmation
  • Other minor bugfixes


Released: 6 April 2009
  • Offline maps! We are compatible with TrekBuddy format, read more.
  • New arrow on map indicating direction of movement
  • Zooming on map with nice effect
  • Help for GPS icons while firstly connecting GPS
  • Advanced maps settings - cache size and performance tweeks
  • Imperial units support
  • Speed optimizations for maps and HTTP connection
  • For developers: NetworkLink support! Now is easy to create interactive GPS game!
  • For developers: Possibility to play sounds and vibrate using just XHTML
  • For developers: Possibility of accessing phone's contacts using just XHTML
  • For developers: KMLs now supporting icons on map
  • Lot of other fine-tuning and bug fixes


Released: 12 February 2009
  • We are OPEN-SOURCE!
  • Satellite screen - shows strength and location of sattelites
  • Possibility of uploading files (photos, videos, places, routes, ...) from Locify to web service
  • Possibility to send SMS from Locify
  • New version for HTC devices with big display - much bigger fonts
  • Autologin in login screen
  • Icons in service list
  • Speed and memory consumption optimization in maps and routes
  • Lot of other fine-tuning and bug fixes

0.9 beta

Released: 9 December 2008
  • Redesign of main screen - internal functions are better accessible
  • Saving places of interest without need of installing service Locations
  • New navigation screen
  • Altitude graphs in route recording
  • Autoinstall of preinstalled services after first run
  • Services looks better - developers can use new custom item <locify:where /> and variable $location[source]
  • Bluetooth GPS stability improvements
  • On Nokia Series 60 it's possible to acquire location from GSM (via cell id)
  • Maps and route recording speed optimizations
  • Viewing routes on the web
  • Lot of other fine-tuning and bug fixes

0.8.5 beta

Released: 21 October 2008
  • Offline Route Recording
  • Routes management, service can send a route
  • Navigation along the route
  • Viewing route on the maps
  • Map UI improvements - scale, better zooming, stylus support
  • Better "first run" - advises how to set up permissions and root folder
  • New possibilities for developers - read more
  • More user-friendly installation for Windows Mobile - read more
  • Better support for BlackBerry - read more
  • New services: Zvents, Upcoming
  • Bluetooth reconnecting fix
  • Design improvements and other fine-tuning

0.8 beta

Released: 4 September 2008
  • Full-feature maps support with zoom, moving. Map providers: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Open Street Maps.
  • Setting your location by GPS, saved point, coordinates or address (geocoding)
  • Kalman filter for smoothing of GPS data.
  • Redesigned menu with easier access to all items
  • Saving points to Nokia Landmarks and possibility of using them in Nokia Maps.
  • Autodetection of GPS device, GPS devices which phone does not support are not listed.
  • List of supported phones on web
  • New services: Eventful, Opencaching, Panoramio
  • Better error handling
  • Lot of fixes and fine-tuning

0.7.2 beta

Released: 13 August 2008
  • Locify application translated into Czech and Slovenian! Web is translated partially to Czech. Anyone can help us translate or add new language - read more
  • Support for Sony Ericcson HGE-100 GPS
  • Filesystem browser now shows name of waypoints and you can sort waypoints according to distance from your position
  • Autologin possibility in settings - when turned on, login to service or Locify is done automatically (in case of saved password)
  • You can update service in menu - it will update cached screens.
  • Some bugfixes and finetuning

0.7.1 beta

Released: 25 July 2008
  • Windows Mobile support - you can run Locify on your PDA and use internal or Bluetooth GPS!
  • Nicer alerts
  • Better usability - Back is always at right command, under left command is always link to main screen
  • Optimalizations for BlackBerry
  • In inputing root directory screen, all possible root directories are visible
  • Locify version is always sent in user-agent string
  • Few bugfixes

0.7 beta

Released: 11 July 2008
  • Filesystem support - saving waypoints locally in KML format
  • Navigation to locally saved points
  • All data are now saved on the memory card
  • Synchronizing KMLs with our server
  • Usage without GPS - you can acquire coordinates to form from saved waypoints
  • New sample services like Wikipedia, Geocaching, SimpleTrack or Fireeagle
  • Many bugfixes

0.6.2 beta

Released: 21 May 2008
  • Simple automatic sending of position
  • More user-friendly inputing coordinates into form
  • Some minor bugfixes

0.6 beta

Released: 13 May 2008
  • Brand new design using J2ME Polish
  • Internal browser support - learn more
  • User can add shortcuts to various functions of Locify on the main screen
  • Shortcuts can be also defined in JAD file
  • Developers can now get client's width and height using variables
  • Various bugfixes and minor improvements

0.5 beta

Released: 12 April 2008
  • Initial release