Wikipedia service allows you to search for nearest Wikipedia articles.


Start the service, input GPS coordinates either from GPS unit or from saved location. Submit the form and links to nearest articles will be displayed. The articles are displayed in mobile phone's standard (external) web browser.

Locify supports localised Wikipedia articles - links are provided in one of three languages: Preferred, English, Default.

Languages: Theory

A preferred language is one that you select in services' settings. It can be any of languages which are on Wikipedia and their users add GPS coordinates to them (WikiProject Geographical Coordinaties or similar). If article doesn't exist in preferred language or preferred language hasn't been set, it's returned from English Wikipedia. Sometimes even English Wikipedia doesn't contain found article - than it's returned in the language which contains found coordinates.

Languages: Example

Let's say your preferred language is German and you're looking for information about Hradčanská, Prague. Among other articles, you'll find:


You can set preferred language. For description, see above Usage.

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