Nearest caches


Are you geocacher? This service is made for you! You can view nearest geocaches around you, view their terrain, difficulty etc.. Then you can save them locally or navigate to them! Geocaching was never easier!

Service details


First you have to login on Don't worry, your password is safe with us (see our privacy policy). Then choose way to get your position.
login choosing gps

Location and nearest caches

Your location will be shown after GPS has a fix. Optionally you can choose a saved point from a filesystem, type coordinates manually, or use address to get your location. On the next screen you see nearest caches sorted out by distance from the position. Two letters before cache name shows type of the cache (see table of cache types).
entering coordinates nearest caches

Details of the cache

After selecting one of these caches you'll have chance to read important data about the cache - full listing, decrypted hint, additional waypoints (if available) and last logs.
cache info additional waypoints

Finding cache

If you decide to find the cache it's time to click on Navigate & view. This Locify feature sends you KML file which you can use directly for navigation or saving on filesystem. Since Locify 0.8 you can show this point on map. You'll see information about cache type, terrain, difficulty, size and author.
navigate map

Useful advice

When you are try to catch GPS signal - go to place when you can see the sky clearly. It's hard to catch the signal under the buildings or in the forest.
When you use navigation - relay on a distance, not on a direction. Direction can be wrong while you standing or moving very slowly. Move quicker to get more accurate direction.

Cache types

  • TR - traditional
  • MU - multi cache
  • UN - Unknown mystery cache
  • WH - whereigo
  • LB - letterbox hybrid
  • EV - event
  • ME - mega event
  • EC - earthcache
  • VI - virtual cache
  • WC - webcam cache
  • LL - locationless cache
  • CI - CITO event
  • AME - GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit
  • APE - Project A.P.E. Cache

Greasemonkey script

We prepared Greasemonkey script for easily adding caches from to your Files on Locify server. After synchronization you can have the cache on your phone - available offline.

What is Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to most web pages.

How to install it

Installation is very simple:
  1. Install Greasemonkey to Firefox
  2. Install locifyForGeocaching script
Now check some cache listing and you will see add to locify icon like this:
locify for geocaching

How does it look like

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