You can use full featured maps in Locify - online and offline! Go to Maps -> View Location and see where you are. You can also select some point in Files and view it on map.

Offline maps

We are supporting various formats of offline maps. Most easy is to load maps in TrekBuddy TAR format. We support all maps for TrekBuddy excluding atlases (if you unpack map file with WinRar there are lots of folders not just file *.map and folder "set"). You can install maps by copying map files into Memory card/Locify/maps folder. Then you need to inizialize it using Maps -> View Location -> Offline Maps -> Initialize. Then you can select offline maps and use it.

But TrekBuddy maps cannot offer you full offline maps experience. If you prepare maps in our format, you can expect advanced features like map autoloading and more - learn how to create your own map.

Online map providers

Locify doesn't provide it's map data. Locify uses map data of third party providers. Note that Locify is free as this map data (in web browser) is. Please read Terms of service of all providers we use:

Maps key shortcuts

  • 0 - My Location feature will center map to your location. Map will follow you while you are moving, unless you move with map.
  • 2,4,8,6 - Move with map.
  • 1,3 - Zoom out and Zoom in.
  • 9 - Show list of actual Offline maps in current view.
  • * - Switch map provider.
  • # - Switch map mode.