How to trasfer Locify into your phone

You have basically two options - most comfortable is to type into your phone's browser and follow instructions.

Otherwise you can download JAR and JAD files into your computer from our download page. You need to download BOTH files and place it in a same directory. Then you can install them via software like Nokia PC Suite directly. If you don't have this software, transfer both files into your phone via cable, bluetooth or infrared. Then click (in your phone's file browser) to JAD file and installation will start.

Installation failed

Your phone most likely doesn't have Thawte Code Signing CA certificate installed. This is required to verify that Locify is trusted application so you can disable frequent requests for permissions like internet or filesystem access. If you don't have Thawte Code Signing CA installed on your phone, you need to download it. You can download Thawte root certificate either directly from its site (requires personal information) or from Locify: download certificate.

How to disable warnings about file access

You need to do this after installation and before launching of Locify. Otherwise you will receive lots of repetitive warnings and application will not be useful. Find (in your phone) some kind of application manager, find Locify application and set up permissions 'Read user data' and 'Write user data' to 'Always allowed'.

Note: Some phones like Symbian UIQ devices allow you to 'Always allow' permissions during first Locify launch. Still, it's better to check permissions before first launch, just to be sure.

Screenshots from Nokia S60 3rd:
App manager Finding Locify Opening permissions Finding permission Setting reading user data Setting writing user data

What to do in case of problems with root folder

After Locify is launched, you are asked for the root folder. In most cases default value is correct. But if you receive warning 'Access denied', try to input different root folder. Most promising are 'e:/Locify' or 'c:/Locify'.