Compatible phones

Locify mobile client is written in Java - it runs on most current mobile phones. The phone has to support MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. This crypto acronyms mean "most phones" - not just smartphones or so :). If you are not sure, download and install and if your phone is not compatible, it will inform you about incompatibility and won't install.

Locify is tested on:

  • Newer Nokia phones
  • Newer Sony Ericsson phones
  • Windows Mobile 5 and 6

We are experimenting with:

  • BlackBerry devices

Locify won't probably run on:

  • Motorola phones
  • Samsung phones
  • Apple iPhone

But nothing is impossible, you can try to run on Motorola and Samsung as well, you might get lucky! We are also working on iPhone version. Does your phone have some compatibility issues? Send us feedback!