Variables are the way to input some Locify-specific data into your XHTML pages. Variables enables you to get location-based data, use service settings and couple of other things.

All variables starts with char '$'. Variables can be used in URL's everywhere and in the value of <input> tags and in <locify:variables> tag in forms.

Location-based data

  • $lat - current latitude in decimal format
  • $lon - current longitude in decimal format
  • $alt - current altitude in meters
  • $spe - current speed in km/h
  • $hea - current heading (0-360°)
  • $acc - vertical accuracy of location in meters
  • $location[source] - source of location. Can be one of following:
    • 0 - GPS
    • 1 - Saved location
    • 2 - Address
    • 3 - Manually entered coordinates
    • 4 - Last known GPS location
  • $location[text] - additional text about location - geocoded address, name of saved location etc.

Service settings

Service settings can be created by regular xhtml form. The only difference is action url set to locify://serviceSettings. Values of this form are stored locally in client and you can use this settings in your XHTML pages. You can read settings by using this variable:

  • $settings[variable_name] - value of given name from service settings

Client info

  • $client[time] - current time in user's phone as unix timestamp
  • $client[lang] - language of user's cell phone (can be different from language used in Locify - this information is available in user-agent string)
  • $client[version] - version of Locify client
  • $client[width] - available canvas width in pixels
  • $client[height] - available canvas height in pixels
  • $client[device] - MicroEdition.Platform identification of user's phone in format Vendor/PhoneModel/Firmware_version"


User-agent is small header sent with every request from Locify. You can find there information about Locify version and language selected in Locify. Format of user-agent string:


Sample user-agent:

Locify/0.7.2/cs_CZ/SonyEricssonW960i/R100 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1