Locify Documentation

Locify offers open API to everyone - you can just write web service using XHTML and view it in Locify client. This way you can customize screens of Locify client and get location-based data of user for your web service!

We support valid XHTML format for communication with Locify client. Although, there are some limitations of what we can display in client. There are also some tags unique for us which have "locify" namespace.

It's not important what technology will you use on the server side. You can handle request from client using PHP, ASP.NET, J2EE, ... Important is the XHTML your server scripts generates - Locify client is acting like regular web browser.

This documentation describes this API, comes with examples and screenshots from real phone to help you to create your own Locify service.

Let's start writing your service!

Note: This documentation is about creating web services for Locify. If you are interested about development of the framework itself (we are open-source), read more here.