Location services on usual phones. For free.


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What is Locify?

Locify is a mobile application containing many location services, for free and available for most phones. It also contains useful features like maps, navigation, place and route recording.
Services already locified:
  • twitter
  • wikipedia
  • geocaching
  • panoramio
  • fireeagle
  • opencaching
  • eventful
  • zvents
  • upcoming
  • Accuweather

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Think about Locify as a mobile web browser which can obtain user's location easily.
  • build mobile application just with valid XHTML
  • use built in functions (maps, navigation, routes and places, ...)
  • completelly free (development, distribution, usage)
  • more in documentation

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We are open source!

Last version 1.5.13:

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